How to Stop the Mother of the Bride From Destroying a Dream Wedding

The wedding of your dreams and you are experiencing turmoil. Your mother has taken charge of your wedding, and you uneasily relinquish control. You don't have the guts to cease the behavior from your mother. However, you noticed that she is taking the planning of your wedding way too far. So, the question is, how do you stop your mother from destroying a dream wedding?

Build the courage to have a heart to heart
Somehow you have to find the courage to tell your mom you need to have a little sit down. Explain to her it is to discuss your wedding, the one that your mother is on the path to destroy if you don't have this talk with her. Think about how you will approach the topic with your mother. Refrain from attacking her, or giving her a reason to think you are attacking her. Be as cordial as possible while explaining how you feel.

Talk about what you want
Express to your mother that you are the bride to be, and you have specific wants and needs in regards to your wedding. Place emphasis on the fact that this is your wedding, she can be a part of it but it's not about her. Avoid being argumentative, it will only make matters worse. However, put your foot down reiterating how this is your wedding and you want it to be your dream wedding.

Uncovering the reason why your mother is trying to take over your wedding, will give you a better understanding of how to resolve the problem. Maybe she likes projects, or she never had her own dream wedding, or maybe she is seeking attention. Whatever the reason is, try to come up with a solution that would incorporate her involvement. No matter how you choose to approach the issue, don't wait until your wedding day, when all your fantasies of a dream wedding are crushed and destroyed.

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